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  • Enterprise version : To be people respected,scientific and healthy development of enterprises.
  • Enterprise mission: To improve performance in the employee recognition, based on customer satisfaction
  • Long-term development concept: Lianmei’s development,staff in Lianmei ,Lianmei is proud to honer the customer
  • The Core Culture: respect for people The core value:Honesty,innovation,speed
  • The Core Competitive ability:team learning capability Working methods:the target direction,proper methods,resources,results are expected to Application of management innovation Make clear situation ,analyze problems ,reveal contradiction ,find ways to ,formation mechanism
  • Lianmei Principles of Doing Things:
  • 1. Customer is God------ research and meet customer demand is the eternal job decision principle------on the basis of consensus, more choice in parallel, immediately verify, in no hurry to decision making.
  • 2. Communication Principle----attention to the role of communication, emphasize, cross-sectoral, multiple levels of time face to face communication, communication "why" is more important than "what Want to."At the beginning of change must be content, switch will have a meeting".
  • 3. Continuous Improvement Principles -- for eliminating waste ,waste of overproduction, bad production waste, extra processing waste, too much inventory, material handling transport of waste,excess waste movements,waiting time wasting,employee creativity waste.
  • 4. A Flow Principle---- the site should reach “3 without”-----without interval,uninterrupted,problem is always hidden.
  • 5. The precautionary principle----application of error prevention and error correction method. Gen-chi Gen-butsu principles-----problem solving and optimizing process must trace the source, to observe, and verify the data with the situation.
  • 6. Advanced Maturity Applied Technology Principle -- technology application is more important than technology. Can make up for the defect of fully validated design; accumulation and improve the verification standard.
  • 7. Standardization Principle -- the business organization process, record form standardization, operation means of information is an important way to enhance team efficiency.


Our bank account:
Customer's Bank in China:
Agricultural Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch
ADD: N0.55, Changqing Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang , China
A/C No: 19628014040000369
ADD: No.99th Jiuzhou Road, Hardware Industrial Area


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About Lianmei

Our factory is based in yongkang city,
with a long history since 1986.
We manufacture and export ATV
electric bicycle, scooter, off-road vehicle,
treadmill etc. A variety of payment methods
is acceptable, including T/T L/C D/P D/A
O/A Paypal Western Union
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